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Tiger and Bunny Merchandise Review Comm!

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2012 Planner
raz2b wrote in tnbmerch_review

Planners! Sweet :3

This thing's an A6 planner (about 14.5×10cm), so it's pretty small :I
I guess it's good to carry around that that, but I kinda wished it was a little bigger ^_^'

The inside cover art is the art from the second half of season one's intro.

And then the rest of them are just silhouettes of Kotetsu and Barnaby in different poses :c

It comes with a plastic sleeve that you can shove the planner in, with the Apollon Media logo printed on it. Useful if you don't want the planner to be damaged.
It could probably also fit a regualr A6 notepad in it too!