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Tiger and Bunny Merchandise Review Comm!

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Tiger and Bunny Mini Clearfiles
raz2b wrote in tnbmerch_review
They seem to be more than folders, but I love them anyway~

Also, way to go Sunrise. Recycle this art as much as you can.

Anyhoo, these thing are 11.5×20.5cm, so they're pretty skinny. I guess you could hold tickers and that in them?

The backs are silhouettes of the images on the front....

And the insides are zoomed in images of their heads.
I kinda like it though~

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If these were bank books files, I would be so happy. I use my bank book all the time here, because you can put it in the atms here and the atm writes on your bank book all your transactions, and I need a new cover.

*COUGHHINTCOUGH* Come on, Sunrise <3 They must know they have older fans that actually are old enough for bank books <3

Although....there is a Kiki one I've had my eye on for a while, lol.

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