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Tiger and Bunny Merchandise Review Comm!

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Magnet Bookmarks
raz2b wrote in tnbmerch_review
If you've never been a fan of long books that required you to mark a page, now's probably the time to start.

Using art from the second clearfile for Bunny, and the Wallscroll for Kotetsu, Sunrise displays it's variety of art.

… And love for silhouettes.  

These are also pretty gosh darn small (5 x 3cm), but then, they /are/ bookmarks.
They're printed on a single magnet strip, so the whole thing is magnetic.

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Ah, this makes a whole lot more sense now! It's very different from what I thought it was! XD

At first I thought they were clips or plastic ones with just magnet peices on the botom, but this is a whole lot better.

It won't ruin the pages for one thing ^_^'

I was thinking it was a plastic clip with a magnet on the back-- like the ones for the fridge! XD

I'd never seen such a bookmark before... It's interesting! ;)

I have mine on my fridge. They really are nifty though that its all magnet. Although it doesn't make them to easy to use, since its so thin and difficult to open.

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