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Tiger and Bunny Merchandise Review Comm!

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Mechanical Pencil Set
raz2b wrote in tnbmerch_review

Sunrise seems to like their stationary.
Or.. at least... I like buying their stationary...
Alrighty, these things came in a set of four. As you can see, it's of the more popular characters - Kotetsu, Barnaby, Keith and Ivan.

As you can see, they're using pretty standard images.
But they look nice so I'm not complaining.

The shading on Kotetsu's skin looks a little... off. Especially around the hands.
I know he's darker skinned Sunrise, but... It looks a little odd. Even if I can't quite explain why.

In any case, the printing is the same as any other Sunrise Pencils. It's printed onto the plastic.

I'm not entirely sure, but the lead seems to be 0.3mm instead of the usual 0.5mm.
But I might be wrong :I