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DMP Rubber Strap Collection

I got these in the mail just a few hours ago, so I'm hyped!

The top....

And the back with handy instructions on how to open the box....

Which, as you can see, I really should have followed.

The individual strap boxes are really, really thin. I was a little worried at how thin the straps must have been @_@

The first one I opened was Pao-lin. She's adorbs.

The strap is attached to a ball chain rather than a phone strap, and the back is plain other than the TnB logo and realted copyright thingoes.

I imagine they stuck with the ball and chain because of how big the strap is. It's a little big to hang off a phone, but a bag or purse could probably do this.

Unless you're very determined to hang it off your phone. But I've got an iPhone, and it's almost half the size of the thing.

I also wonder why they chose /red/ instead of NEXT glow blue....

Also appreciate they kept the dark tones /dark/.

Final thoughts?
Well, I would have liked them to be a little smaller so I could in fact hang them off my phone, and possibly have a different attachment (as ball chains come loose really easy).

But other than that, not much to complain about.
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